Build Your Application on Top of your Existing Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite of products can be manipulated by using a fully functional built-in programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). If you have written or recorded macros in Excel or created formulas in Excel, this is just scratching the surface of VBA. VBA is extremely powerful and can not only control Microsoft Office applications it can use other “shared” libraries on your machine to control other programs or access data. It allows you to manipulate the application but also allows fully functional interfacing with many different databases. Pacific Database has a large library VBA convenience functions with thousands of lines of code. Many people don’t even recognize Excel or Access when you build users forms and database interactions on top of them; they look just like any other custom built

Pacific Database can provide examples of many different types of office automation.

  • Large user interface applications storing data in SQL Server or MS-Access; it’s difficult to tell they are Office based applications
  • Data integration projects importing and merging data from many different sources
  • Reporting services
  • Data manipulation
  • Excel and Access forms for data entry and actions based on user actions
  • Validations performed after user actions
  • Complex formulas using logic and based on data in Excel or in a database
  • Interact with external database systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc and manipulate data stores with millions of records