Merge your data and expand it with Data from other sources

Nearly all of the projects at Pacific Database involve some sort of data retrieval, data merging, or data movement of some sort. Data is everywhere and you can enhance your data by merging data from many different sources so you can more easily use and analyze your data.

Check out the project where individual clinical laboratories collect information about patients and tests performed on specimens collected from those patients. Each laboratory could be using a different electronic system to collect their data but a centralized management agency needs to monitor all the data. The data is all automatically transferred from the different systems and import into a central database for monitoring and analysis purposes.

Another example is a school where student data is collected in different electronic systems along with their attendance data. Screens are providing for staff to manually enter information as well as the electronic transfers. A system like this allows a single view of all of a student’s data or view and summarize groups of students. By merging the data over time historical analysis can be done for any of the data points and correlation between the data points over time.